App Design

Reaching Customers On The Go

Your consumers are constantly on the move. Most of your audience owns and frequently uses smartphone devices several times a day. There are potentially millions of customers, listeners or partners in ministry. Why not meet them where they're at? 

You don't need to spend thousands of dollars on app development to have a quality product. Using efficient software, Altamira Media can design you an affordable, lightweight and intuitive app available on iOS and Android.

The Star 88 app is the bomb! Altamira Media knows app design like a boss.
— Stevo Jeter, Star 88

App Design Rates


Altamira Media will replace your existing app with a new design. Using your previous content as the guidance to move forward.

One Time Purchase

$500 per app


Altamira Media will build you a new app with no previous content as a guide.

One Time Purchase

$700 per app

Pricing does not include Shoutem subscription or store fees


If you need something tweaked, or content added, whatever it is we’re happy to help. All adjustments to the app will take place within 48 hours of request.

One Time Purchase

$100 per adjustment


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