Let Altamira Media Help You

Altamira Media will assist you in the places you need help. Don't make things difficult, just ask for advice and let our experience be your guide.


Altamira Media can help non-profits by helping you plan for donor development and strategize how to best convey your message. 


You've likely considered advertising or doing a fundraiser, Altamira Media can help with both.

Project Management

Are you looking to get your project off the ground but aren't sure how to set things in motion? Altamira Media can help you strategize the best execution for your project. Save time, save effort, save money. 




Do you own or operate a radio station? Regardless of AM, FM, IP, non-comm or commercial, Altamira Media can help with your operation, FCC compliance, and help establish best practices. Altamira Media will also empower your on air staff through regular air checks. 

Staff Training

We don't want to simply sell you a product, we believe in educating you and your staff. We do this through various techniques like, on-site training, written instructions, templates, standard operating procedures, on call Q&A and much more.

My station needed someone knowledgeable and experienced to take it to the next level. That’s when I enlisted the services of Altamira Media. I got more than I bargained for. Not only did they configure all of my equipment to function efficiently, they also re-imaged and rebranded the station as well, and played a huge role in my marketing campaign. Altamira Media is a valuable asset to anyone acquiring their services.
— KevinLee Todman, Jah Roots Radio

Consulting Rates

Pick a Subject

Altamira Media will study your existing product and make recommendations regarding your desired outcome.

One Time Purchase

        $50 per topic

Per Question

Send Altamira Media an email, or give us a call with your question and we’ll answer it within 48 hours.

One Time Purchase

        $50 per hour


Establish Altamira Media as your consulting partner. Send us an email anytime, or a call during regular hours and we’ll respond within 48 hours. No limit to questions, or time spent. Whatever you need we can help with.


        $300 per month

*A minimum of 3 months

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