Copy Writing

Because Words Matter

Knowing what to write shouldn't take up your valuable time. At Altamira Media we have over a decade of experience writing impactful copy that gets the point across to your listeners. Altamira Media can write, voice and produce your content all within a short timeframe for a reasonable price.

We Specialize In

  • Commercial broadcast
  • Non-Commercial (underwriting) broadcast
  • Radio imaging
  • Fundraising
  • Short form programming
  • Narration
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Copy Writing Rates

Per Project

Altamira Media will write your copy of 140 words or less within 48 hours of request.

One Time Purchase

$0.15 per word

Copy Writing Retainer

Altamira Media will write up to 600 words, with a 48 hour turnaround. At the end of a month, any remaining balance does not carry over.


$75 per month

Word Count Timings

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